consists in certification that an overseas professional qualification or academic degree is equivalent to the corresponding qualification as awarded by the University of Chile or other Chilean higher education institutions.

Revalidation of an overseas professional qualification is necessary when the corresponding Chilean qualification is required for the exercise of the profession in Chile.

Before you begin your studies, you need to know about the convalidation process which must be completed, takes time to do and involves multiple steps and requires the help of your school and possibly also that of your host family or your Forte Local Representative.

Catholic Church law ordinarily requires baptized Roman Catholics to marry before a priest or deacon.

Unless they requested and received a “dispensation from canonical form,” Catholics who exchange marriage vows in the presence of only ministers from other religious traditions or authorized civic officials are not considered validly married in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

In 1981, Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic exhortation called On the Family.

Among other items in this groundbreaking document, he outlined practical suggestions for pastors and pastoral leaders when dealing with couples not married “in the Church.” The pope cautioned that each situation should be examined case by case.

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Overseas academic degrees denominated differently from their official names in Chile will only be recognized if they are of the same level and can be assimilated, depending on the case, to an undergraduate degree, master’s degree or Ph. Recognition of professional qualifications and academic degrees obtained in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay and Spain (only for Chileans) can also be obtained from the Chilean Foreign Ministry.

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