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"If we stop carrying out FGM, we will need strong men, and we do not have men of that sort." He also suggested that it would be better for women to undergo the procedure as it "reduces a woman's libido", and that women must "stand by their men" so Egyptian husbands and wives could live in concord.

Agina has recently come under the spotlight for supporting the procedure, which involves the removal of the clitoris, and sometimes even more extreme mutilation, in a bid to control women's sexuality.

An Egyptian member of parliament has sparked controversy after encouraging women to undergo Female Genital Mutilation in order to "reduce their libido" and "match the sexual impotence" of Egypt's men.

"Our male population suffers from sexual impotence," said Elhamy Agina, according to Egyptian website "This is evident in the fact that Egypt is one of the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants," he added.

The new bill increased the statutory prison term recommended for offenders into five to seven years, instead of the earlier penalty ranging from three months to three years.

However, FGM remains a widespread practice in Egypt.

One of the six ancient cradles of civilisation, its position on the fertile banks of the Nile in north-east Africa allowed it to develop enormous wealth alongside hugely influential social and religious customs.

Victims of the procedure are left to cope with a range of consequences from bleeding and pain while urinating, extreme discomfort during sexual activity, fatal complications in childbirth and deep psychological trauma.

Egypt banned FGM in 1996 and criminalised it in 2008, and last week, the Cabinet approved a bill increasing jail terms for people who perform the procedure and those who escort the girls to the practice.

It’s easy to think of Ancient Egypt simply as a cluster of pyramids, complicated family trees and a pharaoh in a snazzy mask.

But its citizens were more progressive in their outlook than you might expect, especially when it came to matters of the flesh.

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