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On an ordinary Tuesday last spring, the Dean of Student Life at an evangelical Christian college in the Midwest said to me, her graduate assistant, "Marcy, the evangelical culture of our campus does a lot to prepare its students for the inevitability of marriage, but we do little to set them up for singleness. You should be the one to speak with them," she decided, "and the title of your talk should be, 'Single by Choice.'" She was a provocative one, this dean, with sharp instincts.Her title's declaration posed an ultimatum: to reconsider the assumptions about singleness and marriage passed down to us by the lore of our Christian campus, and an ultimatum to me as a representative of the most recent generation of young adults, most of whom, according to U. census data, will not marry until we're at least 27. There are several reasons for this trend toward prolonged singleness.

A Natural Desire for Marriage What then, is the reason for such a disparity?At the left of your screen you will find posts from active priests, priests who have transitioned, laity, and those inrelationships of love with priests.You will also find a theology link with news articles, recommended books and other information.Sociologists such as Robert Wuthnow and Christian Smith point to a changing job market that requires extended years of education beyond a traditional, four-year bachelor's degree.Many young adults devote their post-college years to volunteer or low-paid service.

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