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Sonialvision G4 is the next generation of Shimadzu’s high-end R/F system series.

Had a corrective septoplasty and cartilage graft so I could breathe through the right nostril - loss of flow was due to a brain tumor. Dr Mckenzie is the best - amazing bedside manner, and will answer every question you have. Huge lump on cheek after surgery has gone down some but still remains and loss of sensation on that side of face.I am a firefighter and he really understands what we do for a liveing and what needs to happen to are injuries for us to get back to work.I highly recomend him as a orthopedic surgeon for a serious injury. Never ordered an MRI that would have revealed the extensive damage. I had to wait no less than an hour for every appointment. I saw another doctor who accurately diagnosed my injury.he is not the most warm and fuzzy man but gets the job done. got me a very expensive brace that i needed to return to work with no problems or denials from workers comp.his assistent is awesome, she is very helpful, and returns your phone calls asap.

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