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doi: 10.1073/pnas.1415086111 People differ in the extent to which they engage in the search for meaning in life (Steger et al., 2008).Figures 1A1-A3 show the unstandardized effects of the nine-ender variable in the different models. In Study 1, AH examine whether people having an age ending at nine (29, 39, etc.) is more likely, on average, to question the meaning of life on a four point scale. More specifically, the authors conclude on the basis of six studies, that “adults undertake a search for existential meaning when they approach a new decade in age (e.g., at ages 29, 39, 49, etc.)” (p. The authors note that the paper “demonstrates a striking pattern in human behavior.” In this commentary I use the empirical material from AH as well as additional data and argue that the patterns demonstrated by AH are open to alternative explanations and lack conclusive evidence.A commentary on People search for meaning when they approach a new decade in chronological age by Alter, A., and Hershfield, H. Hence, I report the results using the original data from AH and the six waves available from WVS as of March 26th, 2015. It is not possible to get an identical sample as AH with the data available from WVS.

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to someone who acting out their ‘submissive’ fantasy. but among those who are cheating Extramarital affairs dating site, Ashley (whose moto is: ‘Life is Short.

Have an Affair’) has discovered a 50% boost in members confessing to indulging in bondage role play with their lovers (not husbands or wives) after reading the book.

fans who are turning to bondage to get their kicks – just like in the book.

The erotic novel everyone has been talking about (unless you’ve been living under a rock the last month) has smashed records and is now making its way into our bedrooms.

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“With 82% of our members admitting to feeling more sexually adventurous as a result of reading the novel, it is no surprise that they are now emulating scenes that pulse through the book’s erotic pages.” According to Ashley, 62% of all new members interested in trying bondage, admitted to signing up because they fear that their spouse would be shocked if they suggested bondage.

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